Digital Collections

The Thomana collection

Among the treasures in the collection of the Bach Archive are the original parts of J.S. Bach's Choralkantaten-Jahrgang 1724/25 – 44 sets of parts of the cantatas are preserved. They are kept in the Bach Archive's library on permanent loan from the St Thomas choir.

The Gorke collection

The music collection from the family estate of Manfred Gorke (1897–1956) comprises 700 objects on Saxon-Thuringian music history from the 17th to the 19th century and contains several original manuscripts by J.S. Bach. It has been kept in the Bach Archive Leipzig since 1952.

The Kulukundis collection

The private collection of Elias N. Kulukundis includes more than 1,000 manuscripts as well as first and early prints especially from the four Bach sons and is located on permanent loan in the Bach Archive. The most valuable pieces of the collection are available online.

The Scholz collection

The collection of the Nuremberg organist Leonhard Scholz (1720–1798) comprises more than 250 works by J.S. Bach, 70 works by C.P.E. Bach and further works by other composers. After the closure of the Bach Institute Göttingen, it has been in the possession of the Bach Archive since 2008.

The Graphic Arts Collection

The Graphic Arts Collection of the Bach Archive includes paintings, drawings, wood, copper and steel engravings and much more around Johann Sebastian Bach, his family, his places of activity and his environment. The heart of the collection is the Bach portrait of Elias Gottlob Haußmann from 1748.

The Bach-Jahrbuch (Bach yearbook)

The Bach-Jahrbuch (Bach yearbook) has been published since 1904 and contains contributions of notable Bach scholars related to recent research of Bach and his family. The yearbooks are made digitally accessible with an embargo period of five years.