Master Class Leipzig 2017

Bach’s arias with woodwind instruments are some of the most beautiful and penetrating, but also most artistically demanding of his vocal compositions. The aim of the Leipzig Master Class is to give young singers and instrumentalists the possibility of working together on these arias and bringing them to performance. Consequently, besides tuition in the different specialities, there will also be joint rehearsals across specialist fields. Particular importance will be laid on the historically informed performance of the arias. For the solo instruments, both historic and modern oboes (including the oboe d’amore, oboe da caccia and English horn), will be admitted, as well as the Baroque traverso and the modern concert flute, and for the continuo instruments the cello/ Baroque cello, bassoon/ Baroque bassoon and harpsichord.


As there has been a large number of applications by singers, a selection process for active participation had to be introduced to ensure that the 12 active singers will have enough time for rehearsals.
These short performances will take place on February 13, 2017, starting at 10 am. One aria from the following works has to be prepared: Magnificat, BWV 243, Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244, Johannes-Passion, BWV 245, Weihnachtsoratorium, BWV 248, h-Moll-Messe, BWV 232.
Should applicants decide to withdraw from the masterclass, the participation fee will be refunded. Passive participants will receive a part-refund of € 50,00 of the participation fee.

General information

Date: February 13 to 17, 2017
Location: University of Music and Theatre »Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy« Leipzig
Eligible Participants: students and graduates of music academies
- singers
- players of wood wind instruments (oboe, flute – Baroque or modern)
- players of continuo instruments (harpsichord, cello, bassoonBaroque or modern)
Application Deadline: October 31, 2016
Participation Fee
- active participation: € 150,00
- passive participation: € 100,00
- students at HMT: € 50,00




J. S. Bach: Solo arias (see list)
Please choose six of the arias listed. Singers should choose arias with different obbligato instruments, players of wood wind instruments should choose arias with different voice pitches.


Prof. Berthold Schmid (Voice)
Prof. Michael Niesemann (Wood wind instruments)
Prof. Tobias Schade (Continuo)
Prof. Dr. Peter Wollny (Theory)


February 13, 11 am – 2.00 pm: registration
February 13, 3 pm: master class session (open to the public, no entrance fee)
February 14–17, 10 am and 3 pm: master class sessions (open to the public, no entrance fee)
February 17, 3 pm: presentation of results (open to the public, no entrance fee)


Application Process
The application form can be found here. The application deadline is October 31, 2016. After this, we will try to match singers, players of wood wind instruments and continuo players. If that is only partially successful, we will suggest different arias to participants. On December 15, 2016 at the latest, all participants will have been notified of their repertory.


Proof of musical training
Accepted forms of proof include:
- recent undergraduate or graduate level transcript
- copy of an undergraduate or graduate degree
- official documentation from the university with enrollment information