No 77 »Zwerg Concert«

Wed 19th June 2019  »  9:00 am
Gewandhaus, Mendelssohn-Saal
bach for us

The concert »A Musical carriage ride with Bach« is aimed specifically at pre-school children and pupils in the first year of primary school, who experience a first, enthralling taste of the incomparable live concert nad are introduced to a range of musical instruments and their function in the orchestra.

– J. S. Bach: Konzert c-Moll, BWV 1060R (Auszüge) – C. P. E. Bach: Marsch D-Dur, BWV Anh. II 122 – C. Pezold: Menuett G-Dur, BWV Anh. II 114 – J. S. Bach: Präludium c-Moll, BWV 847/1

For children aged four and older

Gundel Jannemann-Fischer (oboe), Bernadette Wundrak (violin), Michaela Hasselt (harpsichord), Julia Deutsch (presentation)

A Gewandhaus event
Ticket price: € 4,00 (Tickets at the Gewandhaus and at

Join us on a carriage ride to bygone times! Times when there was no electric lighting, only candles; no cars, no planes either – people travelled by horse-drawn carriages. People dressed differently too; what’s more, they wore luxuriant, white-powdered wigs on their head. That was when the famous composer J. S. Bach lived. You’ll find out what the music he wrote sounded like in the concert.